Perujazz, the first band who fused Peruvian music elements with jazz, will perform for the first time at the cradle of jazz to share with the audience what they consider “a new music from Peru”. Although they have performed at important jazz festivals around the world, such as Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada or Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy -where they played after Sting- they never had the chance to play at live music venues in the U.S. Throughout these years, Perujazz has organically reinvented itself, bringing in talented musicians to finally achieve their “Dream Team”. The band is determined to conquer the world with its unique sound which integrates the traditional roots and rhymths of a magical country called Peru with the avant-garde, promising to take the audience to an out-of-this-world experience.

“This is only the beginning of Perujazz’s conquest of the universe. We have achieved the ideal line-up after three decades: Julio Zavala, the groove master on the bass; Cesar Ballumbrosio who comes from the most representative Afro-Peruvian family and enchants the audience on percussions, violin and tap-dancing; Andres Prado and his spells on the guitar; my friend Manongo Mujica on the drums with his unique energy and myself on the saxophones”, says Jean Pierre Magnet evidently excited.

As of this project, Magnet says: “I believe the world will respond to our music with enthusiasm because we bring in so much strength and energy, along with different rhythms and melodies. That is our great treasure”. Mujica adds: “We have inherited a rich cultural legacy, coming from the Afro-Peruvian influence, the ancient Andean roots and also the exotic Rainforest of Peru. From the question of how does Peru sound? we started to mix things up, looking up for something totally new and that was how Perujazz was born.”.

Good news for Perujazz’s fans does not end there. The Spanish record label Munster Records has reissued a 1987 recording of the band, which was produced at RAI Studios in Italy, during their first European tour. This LP is known by connoisseurs as a very rare collectible and will be soon available for all Perujazz’s fans. The band also makes Perujazz’s memorabilia available at Indiegogo fundraising platform. From CDs to U.S. Tour T-shirts, commemorative books, Jean Pierre Magnet’s special shirt -designed by the renowned Peruvian designer Meche Correa- and even a private show for the highest bidder. For more information about this campaign click here:

Perujazz is here to stay, promising to blow the audience’s mind by spreading the sounds of Peru through the five continents. “We hope to see the Peruvian community in our shows, supporting us on this adventure. It is very important to know that we can count on fans support every time we are about to score at relevant matches.”, adds Magnet.

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